Snail Cream for Acne Scars

Snail Cream for Acne Scars

By SkinCabin

Think about snails for a second...They are constantly moving on dirt in your garden - they must be bumping into so many bacteria and other not-so-great substances and rough patches. But they seem to be fine. How? They can thank their slime for this. Their slime has regenerative properties. Regenerative properties simply mean wound healing and developing new tissue.

And this is the property of the slime that skincare manufacturers are trying to tap into. One thing to be mindful of is that just because something works on snails, it doesn't have to necessarily work the same way on human skin. Ingredients in snail cream, do have hydrating and wound healing abilities. Its hydrating ingredients definitely seem more promising than the wound-healing ones (for human skin). It does have wound healing ingredients in it and this is what can help people with acne.

Link to a post where we have written in detail about snail creams for face.

Not all the products with snail cream in them work the same way. Their effectiveness depends on:

  • How the snail mucin was extracted
  • Where the mucin is listed in the ingredient list
  • Other ingredients in the product
If you would like to know how a product works, if it really worksuse the search bar at the top of our home page. Type in the name of the ingredients and out comes and analysis.