About Us

About Us

We’re here to help you find the right skincare product for your skin.

Your Pain Points

Buying the right skincare product can often be overwhelming. Navigating through all the marketing hype and picking the right product to match your skin's needs is not easy. Decoding the function of each ingredient requires commitment to research.

Our Belief

We are a team of data science experts, software programmers and chemistry nerds. What we have in common is our passion for skincare. We share the belief that skincare should not be rocket science. We hope our passion and belief is visible in everything we do here at SkinCabin.

Our Work

Here’s what we do to make decoding of products easy for you:

  • Explain the function of each of the ingredients in a product
  • Tell you what these ingredients really do to your skin
  • Find the right ingredients that match the needs of your skin
  • Know when and how to apply a product
  • We keep you away from false marketing
  • Help you find effective but not overpriced products

Unique Search Feature

Our search feature is different. The product that you have in mind might not be the product that you need. We prioritize searching based on what the ingredients in the product do rather than what the product’s marketing says. Use the search feature to:

  • decode a product - try searching for “nourishing body cream”
  • find products with a specific ingredient - search for “hyaluronic acid”
  • find products that match your skin’s needs - search for “dark circles”
  • decode all products from a company - search for “Burt’s bees”
  • find products with similar ingredients - if we see products with similar ingredients you are currently viewing, we’ll display it below the page.

Mini Learning Modules and Our Guides

Check out our mini learning modules on our social channels and in Our Guides Section on this website. They are short and precise. They have been designed keeping in mind your most important commodity: time

We do the hard part of the work, so you don’t have to.